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Helsinki Corpus of Swahili :
(Contents of the directory /corp/swa/standard/articles on the corpus server)

File name:                     Contents of the file:
lengo_88.snt                 LENGO: Editorials (Maoni ya Mhariri) 1988
lengo_89.snt                 LENGO: Editorials (Maoni ya Mhariri) 1989
mzal-art_90.snt             MZALENDO: Main articles 1990
mzal-spo_90.snt           MZALENDO: Some sport articles 1990
mzalendo_90.snt           MZALENDO: Editorials (Maoni Yetu) 1990
mzalendo_91.snt           MZALENDO: Editorials (Maoni Yetu) 1991
mza92.snt                     MZALENDO: Selected articles
mza93.snt                     MZALENDO: Selected articles
mza94.snt                     MZALENDO: Selected articles

None of the files have articles from all the issues of the year. The file art-all

(or: art-all.gz, if in condensed form)

includes all the files above, and a lot more from various newspaper sources.

There is also available a wide variety of articles from the newspapers 'Rai' and 'Majira', as well as Swahili news of Deutsche Welle. All these are from 1997, 1998 and 1999. Also news from Nipashe will be available.

12.8. 1998
A. Hurskainen

Updated 5.2. 1999, AH