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*Herodotus quoted a Babylonian omen (1)

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In the episode recounting Darius’ recapture of Babylon, Herodotus records the taunt of a Babylonian soldier against the Persians: ‘for you will take us at the time when mules give birth’. This phrase reflects the type of birth-omen found in the Akkadian manual Šumma izbu: “If a ewe gives birth to a lion, and it has no right eye, the city will be taken by means of a breach.”

Dalley and Reyes 1998, 109-110Dalley, S. and A. T. Reyes. “Mesopotamian Contact and Influence in the Greek World.” In: S. Dalley (ed.). The Legacy of Mesopotamia. Oxford: Oxford University Press 1998, 85-124.

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