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Mandaic love charm (1)

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01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

05 Scientific knowledge and scholarly lore

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Mandean culture

Mandaic Manuscript 45, 46 (Drower Collection):
In the name of Libat (Venus), mistress of gods and men! He shall be brought into subjection, this man, N., neath the feet of N., woman, by the four limbs of his body, by the eight corners of his stature; his male member and his sinews are subjected, subjected are his incoming and outgoing, subjected his slaves and his handmaidens, subdued are his šids (household spirits) and his demons, subdued his amulets and idols, subdued his knowledge and understanding, subdued are the evil thoughts that are in his heart and his body, that of N. by the name of Mimhisiq Qusum, the lady that illumines them, that casts water on dry land, and on the hands of (Libat) mistress of gods and men. He shall be bound and will come: he is brought into subjection, N. by the strong bond (spell) wherewith heavens and earth were brought into subjection. From underneath the feet of N. (woman) he will go abroad, and his liver shall be seized, and he will not go to any place other (than hers), by the name of their mistress, she whose purity is sweet, who arose from the east, who removes them, the queen whom they remove and call her and she comes, and they seek her and find her and consider (?) her, and sleeps in the firmament of Qidsar, the love-longing and marriage-maker. In the name of Libat (Venus), mistress of gods and men he is brought into subjection, and became impassioned. And the heart and mind of N. are brought into subjection beneath the feet of N. the woman. He is bound and made subject, (yea) and heavens and earth are subdued at her name. Verily, and amen selah. S––a.

This talisman and bond and mystery summon. And there shall be love and fame and honour and fairness of face for N. (woman) before N. (man). He shall be driven after N. (woman). … And they shall not see, they shall die (of their love) and will neither eat nor drink until they possess each other. These. Yea, and amen selah. S––a. … In the names of the Queen of Love, Libat the beautiful, and a gleaming-white queen are you! And you will beautify N. (woman) before N. (man). (She shall shine) in his heart like the glow of the sun or the glow of the moon, or the radiance of Venus, or like the glow of the sun amongst the encircling stars. N. shall be magnified with N. like unto a mountain peak. By thy name have I summoned you, Kiwan (Saturn), so that N. shall be inflamed. When his vessel emits (semen) he rejoices, ejecting it as his seed upon his thighs. He blossomed, the head of N. was turned towards N. (woman): like trees they were intertwined. Amen, amen, selah. S––a. The man N. is held to the woman N. his wife like these: like a horse with four halters, like camels by a camel-halter, like a bull by his yoke, reined-in like a mule by its head-rope, pent back like fishes by a stone. And N. the man said, gazing upon her, upon N. the woman, “I am drawn to her body: I have called to her in love, mine own, N. We will not part company.” Splendour, nobility, and honour shall be N.’s in the eyes of N. woman, by Bel by the name of Libat, mistress of gods and men. S––a. This is the spell of the Seven Gates of Love, for a man after a woman, or a woman after a man. S––a.

Sources (list of abbreviations)
Mandaic Manuscript 45 (Drower Collection)
Mandaic Manuscript 46 (Drower Collection)


Drower 1943, 162-165Drower, E. S. “A Mandaean Book of Black Magic.” Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (1943) 149-181.

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